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by Felix Becker | Jan 31, 2015

React Native - Write Mobile Applications with ReactJs

Learn it once - use it everywhere! With this bold statement the React Team announced "React Native" at ReactConf 2015.

React Native

React Native is the next step of the ReactJs evolution. It proves that React is a complete concept for User Interface Development, not only a framework or a library.

While folks who smiled during the launch of ReactJs and didn't take it serious began to love it. Surely it was shocking to see Html mixed with JavaScript in a xml-ish representation.
But ReactJs is more than just that. React is about immutability of properties and the virtual DOM. This abstraction of the DOM makes it really fast and the smart heuristics to update and diff it are the tools to make two way binding obsolete. The core concept is, to have data flow in one direction. This should help to make the software more reliable.

React Native take this concept a step further while the DOM abstraction was a really cool move it allows React to work with the internal representation instead of the DOM. There could also be another abstraction that React can work with. That said - With React Native it is possible to bridge iOS and Android core libraries plus an abstraction of the controls so that you can write against iOS libraries as well as Android.

The React-Team explicitly said this is not a "write once - run everywhere" approach, instead it embraces it to leverage the strength of every plattform. It is more important to reuse the concepts that once learned for the Web and combine it with the best of the Mobile, native plattforms.
Developers try to rebuild native controls and effects for some time now and always get stuck and fail because html and css is not made for that. But why not use Javascript to control it and take advantage of native components and libraries.
This is huge. While react native is not publicly available yet, at the time of this writing. You can breathe some of that sweet taste while watching these key note videos from ReactConf 2015.


React.js Conf 2015 - Introducing React Native
React.js Conf 2015 - A Deep Dive into React Native

These are exciting news. I am really looking forward to play around with React Native and see if this is a real alternative to keep XCode Dev Environment closed.
Looking forward to the official release on Github!
What do you think?

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