Jan 31, 2015

React Native - Write Mobile Applications with ReactJs

Learn it once - use it everywhere! With this bold statement the React Team announced "React Native" at ReactConf 2015. React Native React Native is the next step of the ReactJs evolution. It proves that React is a complete concept for User Interface Development, not only a framework or a ...
Dec 31, 2014

End of the year post

// swift // rands
I guess, this is my end of the year post. It was a very exciting year with a lot things happening. One thing for sure is that I finally managed to get my own blog online. I got some decent traffic and a lot of fun writing post. This is ...
Nov 08, 2014

Do's and Don'ts for a UI redesign

// UX // software-design // design // UI
I was hit by a relaunch of web application that I use often because it received a make over and I thought this a good situation to blog about my experience from a UX point of view =). Yesterday I logged into a web interface of a service that I use ...
Nov 03, 2014

Install Docker in 3 easy steps

What is this Docker thing: Before you start with the installation and you haven't heard about Docker yet, I recommend to check out my post: What is Docker and why you should care. After you are set up with the basics behind docker we will install Docker in this post: ...
Oct 28, 2014

What is Docker and why you should care!

Ever came across Docker and wondered what it is? Then you are absolutely right here. The next lines will give you an brief introduction and should give you an impression what Docker is and how to get started. Docker gets a lot of well deserved buzz lately so it's time ...